Hotel Mlýn in Velehrad

Hotel Mlýn in Velehrad: a pilgrimage site offering sport and wellness

A family-run hotel close to the pilgrimage site of Velehrad near Uherské Hradiště offers much more than lodgings in a distinctive environment. You can choose from a wide range of relaxation packages: The “Elixir of Youth” will help you to unwind with exfoliation, a massage and a full body wrap treatment in addition to a sauna. “Aloha” affords you a full body massage with hot lava stones and a hydrating wrap. You can look forward to paintball, volleyball, archery and trekking. Gourmands will appreciate the hotel restaurant and wine cellar with a tasting room. You can set off to visit the local basilica or explore the Middle Ages in an open-air archaeological museum in Modrá near Velehrad.


Na Hrádku 4, 687 06 Velehrad

GPS: 49.1029896457, 17.3927728546


+420 572 571 460