Hradní sklípek, Strakonice

7. 5. 2013

Hradní sklípek Restaurant – pleasant seating with music

During a visit to Strakonice Castle, don’t forget to visit the Hradní sklípek Restaurant, which is located right in its courtyard. Prácheň garlic soup with sausage with grilled bread and cheese or rolled pork kebab await you in the pleasant non-smoking surroundings of this stylish restaurant. Have a seat with a glass of the renowned Znovín wine and whilst doing so, watch a performance by the travelling jugglers and racy dancers. Dance evenings with live music are an integral part of the programme in Hradní sklípek. Bagpipes are an inherent part of the historical city of Strakonice – if you are lucky, you can experience the bagpipe festival which is held here every year. That is definitely worth seeing.

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