Budweiser Budvar Prague

5. 2. 2014

Budweiser Budvar Prague: A gastronomic trip into the clouds

At Václav Havel Airport you’ll discover a spacious modern restaurant, which guests have nicknamed the “Budvarka”. At this pleasant spot with views of Terminal 1 a menu of Czech dishes awaits.

This includes roast leg of duck served with white and red sauerkraut and potato and bread-based dumplings. On the menu you’ll also find specialities peculiar to Prague such as delicious goulash called “from the Prague butcher” – beef goulash containing sausage, ham, horseradish and fried onion served with bread-based and fat-speckled dumplings. Be sure to get to the Budvarka with plenty of time to spare otherwise you might miss your flight. Nor should you forget, as you tuck into some hearty food, that time flies!

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