Richtrovy boudy

7. 5. 2013

Richtrovy boudy – Pec pod Sněžkou: Come and try some Krkonoše specialities

The colourful history of the Richtrovv boudy reaches as far back as 1785 – a blast from the past and an establishment famed for its Krkonoše specialities. So accept our invitation to sample some of the dishes on our menu. You could go for the Krkonoše soup with mushrooms, Krkonoše toast or blueberry dumplings with cream. If you fancy hitting a trail after your meal, in winter you can head for the Modré kameny (Blue Rocks) rock formation, from where there are wonderful views. In summer head to Pec pod Sněžkou and the small exhibition at the Krkonoše National Park Headquarters, from where you can survey the deep-cleft valley at your leisure.

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