Hotel Horní Dvůr, Nové Město na Moravě

7. 5. 2013

Hotel Horní Dvůr - have a meal in the former estate

You will be offered not only luxury accommodation in Hotel Horní Dvůr, the history of which stretches right back to the 16th century, but also a unique gastronomic experience in the local restaurant. The offer is not limited to Czech traditional cuisine alone; you can also try Italian dishes. From the offer of Czech cuisine, you should certainly try the pork tenderloin roasted under a smoked crust served with potato and herb pie and roast vegetables and, for dessert, baked plums with poppy seed gnocchi and custard. A superb complement to the tasty dishes comes in the form of Moravian wines from the family-run Marcinčák winery. You can also sit on the summer terrace when the weather is hot.

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