Mediaeval taverns

30. 9. 2013

Get a taste of grand mediaeval banquets in the company of knights, jesters and staff in period costume!

Ever wanted to experience a true royal banquet from mediaeval times, tables groaning under the weight of food? Then visit one of the number of Czech restaurants that have a diverse historical programme lined up for their guests, and you can expect a gastronomic feast, period music, dance and fun!

Mediaeval hospitality in castle taverns

Looking for a place where mediaeval specialties are prepared on an open fire, people eat with their hands and during the feast you’re surrounded by dancing-girls, fencers and dwarfs? Then go and visit the mediaeval tavern in the marvellous historical cellars in Dětenice. What’s more, you can sample dark and light beer, brewed according to an 18th-century recipe. You can also stay in the original mediaeval hotel.

Mediaeval banquets also take place in the U Rudolfovy kratochvíle tavern at Zbiroh Chateau. Here, too, you can take your place in a period-style interior, with staff dressed in period costumes and programme replete with magicians, musicians, fencers and dancing-girls.

Mediaeval fun below the castle

For diverse mediaeval amusements, visit the mediaeval restaurant in Písek. For a romantic candlelit dinner, on the other hand, where you won’t be bothered by noisy young men from the castle and can enjoy old Czech specialties in peace, mediaeval banquets can be had in Hotel U Kata and in the Dačický Restaurant in Kutná Hora. You can also sample traditional specialties from centuries gone by in the mediaeval Šatlava Restaurant in Český Krumlov. Nor can we forget the Prague establishments; mediaeval feasts await in, for example, U sedmi Švábů in the Lesser Quarter and Anno Domini 1471 Restaurant in the borough of Vinohrady.

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