Clarion Grandhotel Zlatý Lev in Liberec

Zlatý Lev Liberec – have lunch in Art Nouveau style

The Clarion Grandhotel Zlatý Lev was opened by the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Franz Josef I himself and he also stayed here. Zlatý Lev in the centre of Liberec also includes the superb Benada Restaurant which is open 365 days a year. The traditional Czech cuisine here is amazing. The head chef’s offer includes the delicious confit rabbit haunch in onion, garlic and lard, served with spinach gnocchi. Don’t forget to wash it down with the local beer Rohozec.


Gutenbergova 3, 460 01 Liberec

GPS: 50.7687882296, 15.0614758625


+420 485 256 778



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Jan 8, 2016Jan 10, 2016


Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!
Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a prestigious ski race!


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