Karlovy Vary wafers

7. 5. 2013

Karlovy Vary wafers: A sugary treat with history

Karlovy Vary spa wafers are a traditional and very popular snack. Their first incarnation, which differed greatly from today’s wafers, was around before 1800; cooks would prepare wafers sprinkled with sugar for spa guests of the day. Later the wafers were layered on top of one other and spices were added; these, in combination with the Karlovy Vary spring water and salt, give the wafersdistinctive flavour. The first bakery to specialise in spa wafers opened in 1867, and since that time they have enjoyed huge popularity, becoming a favourite snack for those strolling the spa promenades, as a souvenir from a break in Karlovy Vary and as a gift for friends and family back home. Karlovy Vary wafers are often flavoured with chocolate and a vanilla and hazel nut mix. They are just as good hot as cold and they’ve even become popular as small triangular biscuits.

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