Hotel Vinopa, Hustopeče

7. 5. 2013

Hotel Vinopa – enjoy traditional Moravian style

Lovers of wine and taking it easy should most certainly not hesitate to visit Hotel Vinopa, which is home to extensive wine cellars with pleasant seating in the wine bar. There is of course also a hotel restaurant here, which will captivate you with its pleasant homely atmosphere and renowned gastronomic specialities. Czech cuisine is for example represented here by roast chunks of pork known as “Moravian Sparrow” served with cabbage, and potato and bread dumplings. From the list of sweet dishes, we recommend the homemade honey pancakes with cranberry and wine sauce and cinnamon butter. You should also not let the homemade smoked meats from the local smokehouse escape your attention. These are served with fresh bread, mustard, horseradish and chilli peppers.

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