Hořické trubičky

Hořické trubičky (meaning Hořice Tubes) – a traditional sweet delicacy

Handmade Genuine Hořické trubičky are shrouded in legends, which stretch back more than 200 years. One of them tells that the injured Emperor Napoleon’s personal chef divulged the secret recipe for trubičky to a certain Mrs. Líčková in 1812 as payment for treating him. Genuine Hořické trubičky are made up of two twisted thin wafers filled with a creamy filling with various different flavours: chocolate and nut fillings are superb and very popular, but cocoa or yoghurt fillings are also popular.


Lhotova 328, 507 71 Miletín

GPS: 50.36824070514717, 15.632327198982239


+420 493 693 027





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