Bělá restaurant and guesthouse

2. 12. 2013

Bělá restaurant and guesthouse – top quality gastronomy with seating on the oven

An original restaurant is an integral part of this luxury guesthouse in the Jeseníky Mountains. Have a seat by the tiled ovens or right on the oven. Enjoy dishes prepared using fresh regional products: try a pork tenderloin steak or rabbit with mustard. For lovers of wine, select wines are available in Bělá from the local wine shops. On warm days, the restaurant offers seating in a covered front garden or a covered atrium. A playground with a sandpit has also been prepared for children visiting the guesthouse. From Bělá, you can make a trip to the Velké Losiny handmade paper factory and the karst areas with the Na Pomezí and Na Špičáku caves.

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