Becherovka traditional herbal liqueur

7. 8. 2014

Becherovka: A traditional herb liqueur with a secret recipe

Carlsbad’s herb liqueur, a tipple with a long tradition, was first sold in 1807 and since that time has become incredibly popular.

The percentage of alcohol in Becherovka is around 38% and essential to its specific taste are Karlovy Vary spring water, good quality spirit, sugar and a special blend of around 32 herbs and spices. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, which only two employees of the Becherovka factory know. The drink is taken cold but it’s also popular as an ingredient in mixed drinks. ‘Beton’ - Becherovka and tonic - is a popular concoction, but Becherovka can also be mixed with cola and juice. If you take a liking to this herb infusion, head for the Jan Becher Museum, located on the site of the first factory. You’ll learn a lot about the history of Becherovka and how it’s made, as well as enjoying the opportunity to taste the original Becherovka and other later versions.

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