U Bulánka in Batňovice

29. 11. 2013

U Bulánka – Batňovice: Regional specialities in the shadow of the Jestřebí Mountains

Not far from the Jestřebí Mountains you’ll discover a restaurant with an intriguing name. Come and find out for yourself what a “Bulánek” is and why the restaurant has a Great Dane carrying a small barrel of rum on its sign. So don’t hesitate and come to sample some Czech and local specialities such as cream of mushroom soup followed by Hronov roast pork with ginger and served with potato dumplings, red sauerkraut and cranberry sauce. There are also four types of Bernard beer on tap to enjoy. Nor should you hesitate to strike out into the surrounding area – the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are a huge local attraction as they are the largest area of sandstone rock formations in Central Europe.


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