Days of the People of Good Will

4. 7. 2014 - 5. 7. 2014

The spiritual gathering in Velehrad is a celebration of the arrival of the Slavic Apostles Constantine and Methodius to Moravia.

The highlight of the two-day program of the Days of the People of Good Will is Saturday's National Pilgrimage, held every year to commemorate Constantine and Methodius, the two brothers who came to Moravia in 863 A.D. to spread the Christian faith. This important historical event is celebrated in the Czech Republic as a public holiday that always falls on July 5th. At the end of the pilgrimage, the Solemn Pilgrimage High Mass will take place. It will be served by Jan Graubner, Archbishop of Olomouc, while the sermon will be given by Cardinal Dominik Duka. Velehrad is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Czech Republic and is often called "Moravian Bethlehem".

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