Vintage Valtice

Sep 30, 2016Oct 1, 2016

A traditional wine festival with a full program, folk costume parade and dancing.

Whoever wants to experience vintage with winemakers in South Moravia can choose from a plethora of events. The Valtické Vintage is among the smaller ones with an intimate character. A costume parade proceeds through the town, and in many places you can try wine and fermented wine and spend evenings with dance entertainment in the riding hall. The local Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and the Environment is involved in the celebrations and, together with the vocational wine school and horticultural apprentice school, is preparing an exhibition of grapes from a wide assortment of vines, coupled with a degustation.



GPS: 48.7431498615715, 16.75689697265625


Turistické informační centrum
nám. Svobody 4
691 42 Valtice


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