Wallenstein Festival in Cheb

Sep 4, 2015Sep 5, 2015

Another year of grand historical celebrations with the arrival of Albrecht von Wallenstein to Cheb.

The West Bohemian town of Cheb is inextricably linked with Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein, who visited it several times. The reason for his visit was to recruit soldiers, acquire new weapons and rally the troops

His last visit, however, was fatal. Albrecht von Wallenstein was assassinated February 25, 1634 in the Pachelbel house - today the Cheb Museum on the square. Cheb residents and tourists enjoy the visits of Wallenstein to Cheb and recalled their atmosphere in the past and commemorate them until today.

The Wallenstein festivities include parades during the day and at night by torchlight, fairytale performances for children, a historical market on the square, falconry demonstrations, period music and dance and an evening celebration with fireworks. You can also look forward to the thrilling reconstruction of events from the last Wallenstein stay and the reconstruction of the battle skirmishes



GPS: 50.077787, 12.375782


Město Cheb a Turistické infocentrum
nám. Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 33
350 02 Cheb


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