Trutnov Battle 1866 Trutnov Battle 1866 1

Reenactment of the Battle of Trutnov 1866

Jun 28, 2014

Recall the anniversary of the Battle of Trutnov, the only Austrian victory over the Prussian army.

This commemorative event, where members of the Military History Club of Trutnov and other associated military historical societies march in historic uniforms, takes place at the end of June. The action begins with the ceremonial arrival and firing of volleys of honor on Krakonoš Square. The program continues with a tour down the 4 km long nature trail called “In Search of the War of 1866” to the monument to General Gablenz on top of Šibeník. Mainly worth seeing is the guided reenactment of the battle and a memorial ceremony at the monument to General Gablenz. There is also live music and stylish refreshments from the military field kitchens.



GPS: 50.561214, 15.912659



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