Tábor Beer Fest

11. 2. 2014 - 15. 2. 2014

The prestigious Beer Fest 2014 in Tábor at the hotel Palcát.

The 24th annual prestigious professional taste competition for the Golden Beer Seal is traditionally associated with trying dozens of beers and gourmet specialties. You can try products such as those from the multiple absolute winner, the microbrewery Novosad of Harrachov, the beers of all Heineken breweries in the Czech Republic, the Lobkowicz, Staropramen, Bernard, Litovel and many other breweries with famous labels. The festival includes a range of foreign beers, beers from microbreweries, and the gourmet cuisine of the hotel Palcát in Tábor. Several bands of different genres and discos will take care of the cultural program.

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