Royal Procession from Prague to Karlštejn

6. 6. 2015 - 7. 6. 2015

Take a trip together with Emperor Charles IV, his wife, knights and horsemen!

This great historical procession of the court of Emperor Charles IV will transfer the imperial jewels from Prague to Karlštejn, where they are stored in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. But don’t worry, you needn’t go back to the 14th century, just come to Prague every year at the end of May. The procession starts on Friday with noon festivities at Prague Castle and spends the night at Charles Square. On Saturday it continues through Chuchli and Černošice to Dobřichovice, and on Sunday arrives at Karlštejn Castle. You can also join the procession on its route, even in historical costume. Or you can make a trip to one of the stops along the way, where an entertaining program awaits you: historical celebrations, demonstrations of native crafts and knightly contests. The program runs even before the arrival of the emperor and often lasts long after his departure.

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