The exhibition Unexpected Legacy: Šíma, Štyrský, Toyen, Zrzavý…

30. 5. 2014 - 24. 8. 2014

In the Kinský Palace stable in Old Town Square in Prague during the summer, the exhibition entitled Unexpected Legacy: Šíma, Štyrský, Toyen, Zrzavý...can be seen.

The unique collection of works of art, paintings and works that MUDr. Alena Žižková-Lind bequeathed to the National Gallery in Prague, reveals the collector’s penchant for authors with ties to France, including the surrealists Toyen and Štyrský, Josef Šíma, Jan Matulka, the Brittany painter Jan Zrzavý, Rudolf Kremlička, František Tichý, František Muzika or the Spaniard Honorio Garcia Condoy.

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