Carmina Burana Prague & Ostrava

Jan 4, 2014Jan 11, 2014

Four exclusive New Year’s concerts, monumental music and pyrotechnic effects.

Carmina Burana is a monumental cantata by German composer Carl Orff, based on the motifs of a namesake set of medieval religious, satirical, moralistic, and love songs. It is one of the most amazing works of modern classical music, one that delights connoisseurs and laymen alike. In addition to great music, you can also enjoy a spectacular setting. This form of Carmina Burana has scored success with audiences across Europe and in January its world tour takes it to the Czech Republic. Performances will be held on 4 January at the Congress Center in Prague and on 11 January at the Gong multipurpose auditorium in Ostrava.


Prague Congress Centre
Gong Ostrava

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