The exhibition A Romantic View in the National Gallery in Prague

3. 5. 2013 - 1. 9. 2013

A Romantic View: 19th-century Dutch and Belgian painting from the Rademakers Collection

The exhibition A Romantic View represents an artistic line of Belgian-Dutch painting, which entered European romanticism and quite knowingly followed its powerful historical painting tradition of the 17th and 18th centuries. The collection includes idyllic landscape painting, night and maritime scenes, portraits, still lifes and genre scenes typical of an emotional and lyrical perception of reality. The display introduces the names of Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Andreas Schelfhout, David de Noter, Fredrik Marinus Kruseman, Jacob Abels, Basil de Loos, Petrus van Schendel and many others. The exhibition’s name also characterizes Jef Rademakers’ creative approach to life and collecting.