Exhibition of Treasures of Ancient China

8. 8. 2014 - 9. 11. 2014

Come to the exhibition of ancient Chinese art at the Imperial Stables of Prague Castle!

The exhibition Treasures of ancient China includes ninety subjects on loan from prominent museums in China, which cover five thousand years of Chinese history from the Neolithic age to the last ruling dynasty. An exhibition collection in such a scope has never before been displayed in Central Europe. The exhibition at the Imperial Stables of Prague Castle is divided into three comprehensive parts. The first part presents the origins of Chinese civilization and the emergence of the first states. Visitors will be able to see archaeological finds from the tombs of the aristocracy from the time of the first millennium BC. The second part is devoted to the cultural boom in the period between the turn of the millennium and the tenth century AD. Two figures of soldiers from the famous "terracotta army" of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty will also be displayed there. The last part presents the top arts and crafts from the period of the approximately five hundred year reign of the last two dynasties, including for Buddhist art, for example, as well as clothing and especially beautiful porcelain.

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