Gingerbread Festival Pardubice

8. 5. 2014 - 8. 5. 2014

The Gingerbread Festival is held in the courtyard of Pardubice Château.

Decorative gingerbread has become the symbol of the city of Pardubice. This well-known delicacy is so famous that it has acquired the right to a protected geographical indication from the European Commission, and it has its own museum and even festival. It will be held for the thirteenth time on both courtyards of Pardubice Château in 2014. Both adults and children can look forward to a varied fair of gingerbread, honey, wood and other products, refreshments, an exhibition of gingerbread, the painting of pictures in the gingerbread gallery, and other artistic creations. The festival is accompanied by some fairytale performances, a contest to determine the fastest gingerbread eater, the peeling of gingerbread from a gingerbread house, and a special course in how to sit on a shovel under the supervision of Baba Yaga!

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