Open cellars or digging sand for Vienna’s Nový Šaldorf

17. 1. 2015 - 17. 1. 2015

Touring wine cellars, wine tasting and a unique entertaining contest!

The fine sand dug out during the excavation of wineries in Nový Šaldorf near Znojmo used to be hauled away to Vienna, where it was used by masons in creating stucco and facades. As winemakers were wondering how to add some color to the traditional hopping between wine cellars, they got a brilliant idea and revived an old-time custom. Every year in January a purely prankish and voluntary contest takes place, where three-member teams with period tools enter the cellar corridors and start digging deeper into the cellar. They then weigh the results of their efforts for public consumption, all to the sound of jazz and swing while wine is being tasted, both in regular and heated baths. Whoever feels like it can also enjoy an evening with local winemakers.

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