The Mystery of Old Kroměříž

27. 6. 2014 - 29. 8. 2014

Take off on a journey into the past and take a peek at a time when Kroměříž was the summer residence of the Olomouc bishops.

Every summer Friday, from 6 p.m. onwards, an evening walk is organised through spectacular historical Kroměříž, the gardens of which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the company of the Episcopalian soldiers and burghers, as played by the guides of the historical fencing group the Bishops’ Men (Biskupští manové).

What does the tour have to offer?

  • Intriguing and untraditional storytelling about Kroměříž
  • A pleasant one-hour evening walk through the picturesque street of the historical town
  • Guides in period costumes
  • Skits about the history of the town

The commentary behind this untraditional tour of the town with guides in period costumes is aimed at curiosities that usual promotional materials do not list, such as where the town’s executioner lived, where the Blacksmith Gate was located and on what Czech banknote the Kroměříž Chateau is depicted. The tour begins at the fountain on the Velké náměstí Square, passes through all important locations and ends at the Archbishop’s Palace.