Museum Night in Mladá Boleslav

12. 9. 2014 - 14. 9. 2014

How has the long tradition of car manufacturing changed the face of a city? The answer can be found in Mladá Boleslav!

Meet Czech Design aims to represent the best of Czech design. One of the stops of these events is Mladá Boleslav and the local Škoda auto works, where cars have been manufactured for more than one hundred years. Industrial design plays the major role here. You will appreciate it during the guided tours of the Škoda Auto Museum, which offers exhibits from vintage cars to the latest models of Škoda, as well as a tour of the manufacturing halls. Museum Night will offer a series of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and fashion shows. For example, Old Town Square will be the scene of a workshop directly on the street. You will have the opportunity to design your own car and insert it as part of a puzzle together with other color-designed proposals.

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