Luhačovice Food Festival

16. 8. 2014 - 16. 8. 2014

Get to know regional specialties of Eastern Moravia in one location at one time.

The second year of the Luhačovice Resort Food Festival will take place in Luhačovice. It will bring selected specialities of the spa hotels and wine tasting. The festival is intended for all gourmets, connoisseurs, experts in the field of gastronomy, families, children and anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant day filled with good food, drink and an interesting accompanying programme.

The festival will present regional cuisine and Wallachian specialities. The climax of the entire event is a stylish after-party. The chefs of five hotels will present the best of their kitchens and complete for the Luhačovice Spa Challenge Cup. You can try out the special tasting menu, get to know new specialities and even unusual variations of ordinary fare. Add quality wine and mixed drinks from the Rudolf Jelínek Distillery and a culinary experience is guaranteed.