Culinary Festival of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová Litomyšl

22. 5. 2015 - 24. 5. 2015

Head to Litomyšl, to the paradise of gourmets and the legendary Czech cuisine of M.D. Rettigová!

Czech cuisine is returning to traditional Czech meals and quality local products. One attraction for all connoisseurs is the weekly gastronomic festival in Litomyšl, held in honor of famous Czech cook M.D. Rettigová. Lovers of Czech cuisine know that this lady, in a time of national revival, has elevated cooking over and above culinary work to where it is an expression of personality and national pride. Favorites are mainly the dinners and special meals prepared according to her cookbooks by local restaurants. The events include the traditional contest for the best sirloin cream sauce, homemade cake and goulash, the exchange of good family recipes, showcasing a cooking school and how to pour draft beer. The action culminates with an open-air gastro fest on Smetana Square.

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