Litoměřice Vintage and the Festival of Isles Litoměřice

18. 9. 2015 - 19. 9. 2015

A pleasant and relaxing experience with wine and music in the heart of the imperial city of Litoměřice.

The biggest celebration of wine in North Bohemia is a large city festival accompanied by the music of the Festival of Isles. The program is a cocktail offering everyone their favorite themes or genre of music, including swing, jazz and blues. The historical scene in the center of Litoměřice is full of knightly duels, demonstrations of the executioner’s craft, fire juggling, dancing, pub songs and skirmishes, firearms, and birds of prey. There will also be fireworks, fairground attractions, a program for children full of games, and a contest for the most delicious fermented wine. The program is accompanied by degustation of wine and other products from winemakers around the region.

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