František Kupka: Path to Amorpha. Kupka’s salons 1899–1913

František Kupka
30. 11. 2012 - 3. 3. 2013

František Kupka: The unique exhibition can only be viewed until 3 March

The exhibition of the currently most highly acclaimed Czech artist František Kupka commemorates the 100th anniversary of the artist’s presentation at the Autumn Salon in Paris in 1912. From amongst his most famous works, you can see here Fugue in Two Colours and Warm Chromatics. The exhibition František Kupka: Path to Amorpha. Kupka’s salons 1899–1913 in the Salma Palace presents the path which led to the abstract art of F. Kupka, and illustrates this using specific works of art. Thus, you have the possibility for a short while until 3 March 2013 to see the birth of abstract art in the works of František Kupka literally step by step.
At the exhibition, you can also visit the scientific and artistic laboratory – space set aside for children and adults to perform experiments. You will discover the relationships between the pictures of František Kupka and the physical principles of the world and enjoy the synthesis of art and technology, reason and emotion.

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