Oriental Carpets Exhibition at Karlštejn

Turkmen carpet - Jindřichův Hradec Castle
6. 6. 2014 - 31. 10. 2014

Approximately eighty valuable oriental carpets from the collection of the National Heritage Institute are on display at Karlštejn Castle.

In both guided tours as well as the separately accessible exhibition in the new building, the gems of different provenances and age are presented. The exhibition approaches the quality and diversity of traditional rugs in the collection of Czech castles and chateaus. It is divided into four parts according to the region of origin of the carpets - into carpet exhibitions from the Caucasus, Anatolia, Persia and Turkmenistan as well as Afghanistan. The most valuable exhibits are the monumental Cintamani carpets of the 16th century, originating from the Schwarzenberg collections and placed after the end of the World Carpet Exhibition in Vienna in 1891 at Hluboká Chateau. The comprehensive collection includes a historical collection of Anatolian - partly prayer - carpets from the 18th century, which were bought as an antique collection by the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand d'Este for his oriental salon at Konopiště Chateau.

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