Porcelain Festival Karlovy Vary

May 6, 2016May 8, 2016

Czech porcelain on sale at the market in the most famous Czech spa.

The company Thun 1794 has been organizing the Porcelain Festival in Karlovy Vary regularly for 19 years together with the Grandhotel Pupp. The market is on the plaza in front of the Grand Hotel and in addition to porcelain products from Thun 1794, you will discover an assortment of other brands, such as the Czech porcelain of Dubí, Epiag Lofida Chodov, Moser Glassworks and the porcelain maker Rudolf Kämpf. The festival includes an exhibition of tables set out at the prestigious Grand Hotel Pupp, concerts, shows for children, food stalls, and performances by dance troupes from around the world as part of the Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival.


Karlovy Vary

GPS: 50.231746319162724, 12.864990234375


Infocentrum Karlovy Vary
T. G. Masaryka 53
360 01 Karlovy Vary


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Jun 30, 2017Jul 8, 2017

Karlovy Vary

Come to Karlovy Vary for the largest and most famous film festival in the country.
Come to Karlovy Vary for the largest and most famous film festival in the country.


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