Karlovský Gastrofestival Velké Karlovice

3. 10. 2014 - 5. 10. 2014

In early October, lovers of Wallachian cuisine will gather for the sixth time in Léskové Valley in Velké Karlovice.

During the Gastro Tour, you can visit local pubs and try Wallachian regional specialties, such as cabbage soup, gnocchi, fruit pies, or plum brandy. You can also go to gala dinners with renowned chefs and Michelin star holders, try the wine of leading winemakers from Moravia and Bohemia, or buy all sorts of delicacies at the international farmers’ market. The Karlovský Gastrofestival also features a crafts fair with examples of Wallachian handicrafts, cymbal music, bartending evenings, the traditional contest for the best fruit pie and fruit pie maker, where you can learn how to make the proverbial giant Wallachian pie.

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