St. Martin Jihlava

11. 11. 2014 - 11. 11. 2014

The light outside may be waning, but the light within us must be constantly enhanced.

The feast of St. Martin, coupled with brotherly compassion and distance from suffering, is the traditional celebration of autumn. The theme of mercy in a dark time of year with cold, emptiness and loneliness is a glimmer of hope and consolation. One of the most beautiful St. Martin’s processions, led by St. Martin on a white horse, marches through the city of Jihlava every year. Music is played, the night is lit up by fireworks over the city, and the people in the parade and in the streets glow with lanterns, called Martin Lights. These glowing lanterns are reminiscent of the stars in heaven, which enhances the light in people and the warmth in their hearts.

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