Wallenstein Celebration in Jičín

23. 5. 2014 - 25. 5. 2014

An historical celebration with Duke Albrecht of Wallenstein, including a major cultural program.

Take a trip back to Jičín in the 17th century, when the lord of the manor was Duke Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein! The whole city of  Jičín, in particular the square, park and Wallenstein loggia, will come to life with festivities that traditionally include costumes, traditional crafts, markets and contemporary music, exhibitions, games, a costume parade and fireworks. The atmosphere of the celebration has been inspired by the findings of High Baroque, and so every year sees the duke’s victory and his magnificent building plans celebrated, baroque games and sports played, and there will also be a showcase of the latest arts and sciences.

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