International Organ Festival Olomouc

4. 9. 2015 - 18. 9. 2015

At the Organ Festival in Olomouc you can hear one of the largest organs in the Czech Republic.

A permanent place among the music festivals in Olomouc is occupied by the autumn organ festival, which is held annually in September at the Church of St. Moritz. The foundation and success of this festival is credited to Professor Antonín Schindler, who until 2010 was the president and planner of the festival while likewise being in organist at the Church of St. Moritz. Here he had access to a unique, but very dilapidated instrument made by Michael Engler in 1745. At the initiative of Professor Schindler, the organ was repaired and enlarged. It was the refurbishment of this unique instrument that led to the founding of the Organ Festival, where now a number of renowned artists from around the world perform.

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