Harrachov Beer Festival

18. 7. 2015 - 18. 7. 2015

A summer beer festival in Harrachov with great music and lots of competitions.

Several times now Harrachov beer has been awarded the Gold Seal of beer and included among the most famous Czech beers. You can try it for yourself at the traditional beer festival held on the site of the glass factory and microbrewery in Harrachov. In addition to a wide range of beers from a local microbrewery and the breweries Kocour and Konrád, you can enjoy concerts, an ample raffle and tour of the museum and glass factory with the chance of trying glass blowing yourself. The festival includes a glass fair, attractions and creative workshops for children and extreme competitions for adults. Try to chug a mug of beer, ride a drunken bike or toss a barrel!

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