Festivities of Pernštejn Manor

4. 7. 2015 - 6. 7. 2015

Historical festivities full of knightly games and medieval entertainment at and around the castle of Pernštejn.

The festivities are held in two locations: in Nedvědice and Pernštejn Castle. Concerts, dance performances, singing ensembles and folk choirs, competitions for children and fireworks await you in the town. You can head to the castle in the historical procession led by Wilhelm II of Pernštejn and a knights’ tournament. In the marvelous setting of the fairytale Gothic-Renaissance fortress you will see swordsmen, jugglers and magicians, with equestrian tournaments held here, as well as competitions for children and a historical market featuring handicrafts, and you can also try stylish food and hear music from that period. The festivities include other communities in the surrounding area offering exhibitions, lectures, tours of chapels, churches and the tombs of the counts of Mitrov in Doubravník. A special steam locomotive train will take you from Brno to Pernštejn Manor.

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