Mitte Europa Festival

14. 6. 2015 - 2. 8. 2015

A music festival that encompasses Czech, Bavarian and Saxon cities every summer

The idea to organize a Czech-German Mitte Europa Festival – a festival in the middle of Europe – on the borders of Bavaria, Bohemia and Saxony came about in 1990 as a reaction to the fall of the Iron Curtain. The festival, which has since welcomed many outstanding artists from around the world, brings together several dozen towns and villages on both sides of the 400 km border, from the Upper Palatinate and Cheb across the Krušné Mountains up to Northern Bohemia. The concerts, however, are not confined only to cities and villages, but also take place in churches and monasteries, castles and châteaux, and even in underground galleries and historic workshops. Indeed, as Lord Yehudi Menuhin, who every year was connected to the Mitte Europa Festival in a personal role and as a conductor up until his death, said: “Mitte Europa Festival helps tear down boundaries, and as we all know, there is no more important task in Europe.”

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