Historic town festivities Rosa Coeli Dolní Kounice

5. 9. 2015 - 5. 9. 2015

Discover a picturesque town with a medieval monastery and famous red wines.

Few places have a jewel like the Church of St. Peter and Paul in the ruins of the monastery Rosa Coeli, Rose Heaven, in Dolní Kounice. The monastery, probably founded in 1181, is only ruins today –the paradise courtyard with cloister, chapter hall, tower and main church with ruined vaults. In addition to the monastery, Dolní Kounice is also famous for its red wine. You can try it during the annual historical festivities, which in addition to exhibitions of local wine also include a crafts fair, fencing and theater performances, an equestrian tournament, evening fireworks and, of course, guided tours of the monastery.

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