Riviera of the North

Aug 8, 2015

Come see how good vintage cars look in the beautiful summer nature of the Riviera of the North!

Lovers of vintage cars built before 1983 meet every year in Hamr on the lake, dubbed the Riviera of the North. The Nisa Veteran Car Club in Liberec regularly organizes an annual ride of vintage cars along the Riviera of the North. The 17th gathering brings together dozens of vehicles, while their crews and spectators along the track can enjoy the nature around Hamr, Sloup in Bohemia, Jablonné in Podještědí or Osečné.


Hamr na Jezeře

GPS: 50.70401412513103, 14.844589233398438


Veteran Car Club Nisa
Na pískovně 506
460 14 Liberec


Events Nearby

Jan 8, 2016Jan 10, 2016


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