Castle-Château Night

29. 8. 2015 - 29. 8. 2015

The last night in August is magical: an incredible experience awaits you at Czech castles and châteaux!

On the last night in August, most Czech castles and châteaux turn into magical places full of stories and experiences. These aristocratic residences will teem with life during non-traditional times (even at midnight) and the non-traditional program will make sure visitors want to go back. The program includes night tours, tours with lanterns and candles, theatrical performances, concerts, shows and other amusements. You can try contemporary fare in the castle kitchens, have a look in places where visitors usually never get to see, or you can walk around the château with a flashlight and hear stories that sent chills down the spine during previous generations. You can choose where to spend your Castle-Château Night!

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