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Bohemia Jazz Fest

Jul 8, 2017Jul 23, 2017

Summertime in the Czech Republic reverberates with one of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe!

The Bohemia Jazz Fest, which Downbeat magazine lists as one of the world’s most important cultural events, was founded in 2005 by acclaimed jazz guitarist Rudy Linka. Thanks to its sponsors and patrons, the Bohemia Jazz Fest has become a summer ritual with jazz fans from all over Central Europe gathering on the squares of historic Czech cities to see and hear the world’s greatest jazz performers – completely free! In addition to jazz, there will also be a thrilling blend of blues, funk and world music.


Praha, Plzeň, Domažlice, Tábor, Liberec, Olomouc, Brno, Písek

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Bohemia Jazz Fest
Pařížská 19/203
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic