Bečov masquerade Bečov nad Teplou

17. 7. 2015 - 19. 7. 2015

Traditional city festivities in Bečov: a great place for history lovers.

The splendid program for the 12th year will delight you with theater performances, a grand historical parade, excellent swordsmen, dancers, jugglers and puppeteers. The scene at the town hall, the château and in the château gardens will offer music groups, and an appealing venue will be the old-time market with replicas of weapons, helmets and coats of arms, a blacksmith, painted glass, ceramics, stained glass, clothing made from hand-woven fabrics, replicas of historic glass, wooden accessories and hand-wrought jewelry. In addition to mead and wine, you can enjoy a number of contemporary gastronomic specialties.

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