Napoleonic Days at Austerlitz near Brno

15. 8. 2014 - 17. 8. 2014

Come celebrate the anniversary of Napoleon’s birth (August 15, 1769) at the château in Slavkov near Brno!

The summertime Napoleonic Days at the château in Slavkov (Austerlitz) offers a wide range of entertainment. Army regiments are camped out in the château park, demonstrating the use of various types of weapons, and parading in uniform under banners, before staging a battle re-enactment. The program includes a costumed tour of the château by Napoleon, concerts, the international wine exhibition Grand Prix Austerlitz, a crafts fair, and gastronomic specialties. The birth of Emperor Napoleon is commemorated with an evening multimedia show “Austerlitz Heaven” with the château lit by hundreds of candles.

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