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The Artistic Carousel of François Delarozière

Sep 5, 2014Nov 2, 2014

The French attraction combines entertainment with the mysterious world of animated puppets and precise workmanship.

Plzeň is only the seventh city where the huge circus ring with mechanical puppets has been presented; so far it has visited Paris, Madrid, Portimão, Antwerp, Milton Keynes and Sénart. The artistic carousel exhibit should draw attention to the upcoming year-long cultural festival in the West metropolis - which will happen in the 2015 European Capital of Culture (together with Belgian Mons). The combination of technology, imagination, playfulness and imagination in the form of marionettes should moreover point out that puppetry and animated film in Plzeň have a great tradition and many international artists including François Delarozière were inspired in this direction by the works of the Plzeň masters Josef Skupa and Jiří Trnka.


náměstí Republiky
301 00 Plzeň

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náměstí Republiky
301 00 Plzeň