American Classic Cars Exhibition in Ostrava

16. 6. 2014 - 31. 8. 2014

Original American classic cars with polished chrome decorations, huge motors and spacious seats can be seen at the Černá Louka Exhibition Grounds in Ostrava. Do you know them all?

At the exhibition in Ostrava, you can see a collection of historical cars from all over the world. A curiosity of the exhibition is a comparison of the production of American classic cars with the production of Czechoslovakian and Soviet cars. Sports enthusiasts will surely be delighted by the sports cars. They can look forward to models such as Mustang, Cobra, and Corvette, to name a few. A 1954 Buick that took part in a famous race in South America is also on display. The cherry on the cake will be a 1938 Cadillac, a car driven during the time of mafia boss Al Capone.

On display are 45-50 cars built between 1938 and 1982. All of the major automobile works in operation in those years will be represented along with less known and now non-existence makes. The American Classic Cars exhibition will include an exhibition of model American cars and an exhibition of car accessories and parts from the past.