Glaswerk und Brauerei Harrachsdorf - Novosad

Glaswerk und Brauerei Harrachov – Novosad
3. 5. 2013

Eine Minibrauerei und das Geheimnis der Glasbläserei

Do you want to know how luxury drinking glasses or crystal chandeliers are created from lumps of glass? Visit the Novosad & Son Glassworks in Harrachov, the oldest private glassworks in the Czech Repubdlic, and watch the glassmakers in action – for example from the comfort of the restaurant in the adjacent mini brewery or enjoy the facilities of the hotel with its beer baths. The traditional method of production has been preserved to this very day in the glassworks. You will see a unique hundred-year-old grinding plant in its original form and fully functional, which is powered by a shaft line and water turbine. You will find a collection of historical glass from the workshops of the local glassworks in the museum and contemporary works can be purchased at a discount in the factory shop.