Velké Žernoseky winery Velké Žernoseky winery 2

Velké Žernoseky winery

Velké Žernoseky Winery

You don’t have to go all the way to South Moravia for good quality wine. According to preserved documents, the history of winemaking in the area around the municipality of Velké Žernoseky on the right bank of the Labe reaches back at least as far as the 10th century. The Cistercian monks established extensive wine cellars here in the 13th century, which have been preserved until this very day. You can taste the wine, which matures in traditional oak casks, on the spot or buy some to take with you in the Žernoseky Winery in the local chateau. A grape harvest festival is also held in the municipality every year, which is visited by people from the surrounding areas and even from abroad. Use the ferry when taking romantic walks through the landscape along the Elbe.


Velké Žernoseky 1, 412 01 Litoměřice

GPS: 50.537994426009746, 14.065160970092734


+420 416 747 128





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